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IFO Group is comprised of diversified experts in catastrophic events and incident management.  We frequently partner with law firms after their client has experienced a tragic event.  Our experts have managed investigations at some of the most significant catastrophic events, fires and explosions occurring this past decade.

Our Main Services

Incident Management

IFO Group experts are often called to assist after a catastrophic accident, especially those involving a fire, explosion, structural collapse, toxic chemical release, pipeline failure, occupational fatality and/or major injury.  We offer cost-effective major loss investigation support services dedicated to determining the cause and origin of fires and explosions. Learn MORE....

Litigation Support

We work with corporate and outside counsel clients who need independent evaluations of occupational health and safety and process safety programs to identify gaps and avoid accidents and regulatory action.  IFO Group experts also serve as testifying experts for cases ranging from transportation mishaps to occupational injuries and fatalities to fires and explosions.  Learn MORE...

Process Safety Management

IFO Group has experts on staff who can help you analyze the potential causes and consequences of a variety of hazards ranging from fires and explosions to the release of hazardous chemicals and put a PSM plan into place.  We can create a PSM program that focuses on people, processes, and equipment to enable you to reduce or eliminate significant risks to your organization.  Learn MORE....

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How IFO Group Can Help

Occupational Health & Safety

IFO Group offers expert consulting services to perform qualitative and quantitative industrial hygiene assessments.  Our Certified Industrial Hygienists and technicians on-staff efficiently address your occupational health and safety and/or industrial hygiene needs.  Learn MORE....

Dust Hazard Analysis

IFO Group experts perform a dust hazard analysis (DHA) to identify and evaluate the hazards posed by various dusts.  As a result, employers or facility owners can gain a better understanding of the risks associated with combustible dust and implement controls.  Learn MORE....

Laser Scanning

IFO Group offers various forensic LIDAR (laser) scanning and drone photogrammetry services directly related to incident preservation and facility modeling. IFO Group has experienced 3D laser scanning professionals and licensed drone pilots to offer various scanning and mapping services.  Learn MORE....


IFO Group is frequently requested to provide outside expertise when a company does not have the bandwidth or internal ability to address identified gaps and weaknesses.  With Retainer Services Plans, a client can expect a flat, predictable fee each month in exchange for access to occupational health, safety, and industrial hygiene expertise.  Learn MORE....


IFO Group staff has extensive experience in providing educational Occupational Health, Safety and Security training services to clients. We offer prepared courses and custom packages to fill a specific need. Classes can range in length from 20-minute computer-based sessions to comprehensive 80-hour courses of over two weeks in length.  Learn MORE....

Third-Party Audits

IFO Group auditors have extensive experience in providing third-party independent assessments and audits to clients with diverse and complex operations. Because of our own management system implementation experience, we can clearly define where compliance gaps are most commonly found.  Learn MORE....

Recent Project

IFO Group was retained to investigate a fire and subsequent explosion at Freeport LNG. According to an incident report filed at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the fire resulted in the release of carbon monoxide, NOx, particulate matter, sulphur dioxide and other non-methane volatile organic compounds. Freeport LNG said the release of these substances into the air was the result of burning piping insulation and cabling. Additionally, flaring occurred at Freeport LNG’s Pretreatment Facility due to the unplanned shutdown of Freeport LNG’s liquefaction plant.

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Partner with IFO Group and experience the difference that our consulting services can make in your organization. Contact us today and let us help you navigate the complexities of incident management, litigation support, process safety management, staffing, and occupational safety and health services. Your success and well-being are our top priorities.

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