Advanced Technology: Laser Scanning and Drone Photogrammetry Services

Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace for those in catastrophic incident investigation.

Five years ago, IFO Group would hire a helicopter which averages $5,000 per hour to assist with photographing and assessing an incident scene.  Due to the cost of that resource, we likely would only have use of it once or twice the duration of the investigation. With advances in technology, we added drones to our response capabilities, and we often fly over a site multiple times a day and document changes as they occur, day or night. In addition to photography and videography, drones enable precision aerial mapping and thermography at a fraction of the cost required for these efforts just a short time ago.

When a structure collapses or a piece of equipment causes a fire, the line between human error and mechanical failure can sometimes be difficult to determine as the scene rapidly perishes. We routinely use laser scanners to capture the forensic details, such as debris dispersion and equipment positions as part of our investigation.

Data captured accurately, safely, and quickly at the scene becomes powerful documentation to verify investigation details, build compelling presentations and share as evidence. These laser scanners collect millions of data points (point clouds) that can be processed and used to develop accurate 3D computer models and animations.  These that have become the gold standard for the average jurors who have developed high expectations of seeing forensic television quality work product during trials.

IFO Group has experienced 3D laser scanning professionals and licensed drone pilots to offer various scanning and mapping services. Our team uses state of the art equipment including Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual drones with integrated FLIR thermal capabilities and FARO Focus laser scanners that create accurate and complete 3D images of any environment or object. At IFO Group, we use up-to-date software, including FARO SCENE and FARO Zone to analyze and deliver point cloud data in the way you need it, from raw point cloud data to detailed models.

Click HERE to learn more about our laser scanning and drone photogrammetry services.

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