API Releases Updates to Standards for Hazard Management in Process Plant Structures

Earlier this week, the American Petroleum Institute (API) announced the release of the latest editions of three crucial safety standards:

  • Recommended Practice 752 (RP 752), 4th edition.
  • Recommended Practice 753 (RP 753), 2nd edition.
  • Recommended Practice 756 (RP 756), 2nd edition.

API Recommended Practices 752, 753 and 756 aim to increase the safety of individuals working in oil and natural gas facilities by providing comprehensive guidelines for the strategic placement of permanent buildings, trailers, and tents. The focus is on minimizing risks associated with potential explosion, fire, and toxic material release hazards.

These updates strategically position personnel at a safe distance from process areas, considering the high flammability of oil and natural gas. By reducing the use of buildings and tents near high-risk areas and managing their occupancy during critical operations, API enhances safety and performance, showcasing an unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability, and operational integrity.

RP 752, 753, and 756 form the basis for API’s facility siting assessments under the Process Safety Site Assessment Program (PSSAP). In the coming months, API will revise the PSSAP protocol to incorporate these updated standards, transitioning to assessing against the updated protocol in June 2024. This gives the oil and natural gas industry six months to grasp the new and updated requirements.

The editions incorporate 62 new mandatory requirements, expanding sections on fire and toxic release hazards. A key addition is aligning the toxic shelter approach with API RP 751, Safe Operation of Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Units. The guidance on the treatment of portable buildings used as permanent structures has also been incorporated.

The release of these standards underscores API’s ongoing efforts to adapt to new challenges and continually improve safety across the oil and natural gas industry. Expert consultants at IFO Group would love to help you navigate facility siting assessments and implement these new industry updates.  Email us at info@ifogroup.com or call us at 832-403-2135 to request a free consultation.

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