Essential Steps in the Initial 24 Hours Following a Major Catastrophic Incident

IFO Group Webinar

In the wake of a major catastrophic incident, the first 24 hours are critical for an effective response and subsequent investigation. This period demands a strategic and coordinated approach to ensure the preservation of evidence vital for understanding the cause and preventing future occurrences. Swift Notification and Onsite Arrival of Investigation Team and Counsel: Immediate…

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Photogrammetry versus Traditional Surveying

Laser Scanning and Mapping

In land and data surveying, two methodologies are commonly used: traditional surveying and photogrammetry. While both approaches serve the common goal of collecting spatial information, they do so using fundamentally different techniques. Let’s compare photogrammetry with traditional surveying methods, highlighting the distinct advantages that photogrammetry brings to the table. Understanding Traditional Surveying Traditional surveying involves…

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