Take 2 for Safety: Winter Driving Safety

Did You Know? Do you know why ice forms on bridges, overpasses, or flyovers before the roadway? The wind strikes the elevated structure above and below and on both sides, so it’s losing heat from every side. The roadway is only losing heat from its surface. Even while the temperature on the road surface is…

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Take 2 for Safety: Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a key part of a home fire prevention plan. When there’s a fire, smoke spreads throughout a structure very quickly but a working smoke alarm can give you and your family enough warning to allow everyone to escape to safety. Did you know? Smoke alarms should be installed inside and outside each…

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Take 2 Safety Topics: Lightening Safety

Did you know? Do not seek shelter under isolated trees. The tree may help you stay dry but will significantly increase your risk of being struck by lightning. If you are in a forest, seek shelter near a lower stand of trees. If you are in an open area, stay in a valley, ravine, or…

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