Methane Emissions Testing

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Methane Emissions Testing Services

Ensuring Safety, Protecting the Environment

At IFO Group, we understand the critical importance of detecting and mitigating methane emissions. Methane leaks pose serious risks to safety, environmental health, and property. Our team of expert consultants and technicians utilize cutting-edge technology and comprehensive methodologies to identify and address methane leaks swiftly and accurately, safeguarding your operations and the surrounding community.

IFO Group Excellence in Methane Emissions Testing

With years of experience in the field, IFO Group has built a reputation for reliability and excellence in methane emissions testing.  Our skilled consultants are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software, ensuring accurate and efficient lead detection.

Compliance and Safety

We adhere strictly to federal, state, and client-specific guidelines to ensure compliance and safety during our survey inspections. Our commitment to quality assurance and customer service ensures that your operations remain safe and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Full Project Coordination

From initial consultation to final reporting, we manage every aspect of your methane emissions testing project. Our dedicated project coordinators ensure seamless communication and efficient project execution.

Commitment to Sustainability

IFO Group is dedicated to protecting the environment. Our methane emissions services not only enhance safety but also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting global sustainability efforts.

Suite of methane emissions testing services tailored to meet your unique needs

Walking, Mobile and Advanced Mobile Leak Detection

Utilizing the latest detection technologies, our consultants conduct thorough surveys to identify leaks in various environments.

Frost and Winter Patrols

Specialized inspections during challenging weather conditions to ensure continuous safety.

Indoor Meter Surveys

Detailed inspections of indoor gas meters to detect and rectify potential leaks.

Pipe/Bridge Crossing Inspections

Ensuring the integrity of pipelines and bridge crossings to prevent leaks and ensure public safety.

Leak Centering and Classification:

Accurate identification and classification of leaks to prioritize repair efforts.

Leak Pinpointing and Purging

Precision techniques to locate and safely purge leaks.

Leak Rechecks

Follow-up inspections to confirm leak resolution and maintain system integrity.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) Detection

Monitoring and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions to support environmental compliance.

Leak Quantification

Measuring and reporting the extent of leaks to support regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

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