Discover Our Expertise in Fire and Explosion Investigations

IFO Group offers cost-effective major loss investigation support services dedicated to determining the cause and origin of fires and explosions.

IFO Group - Your Trusted Partner in Major Loss Investigation Support

Why Choose IFO Group

IFO Group offers cost-effective major loss investigation support services dedicated to determining the cause and origin of fires and explosions.

IFO Group consultants have a deep understanding of the litigation process and how critical supporting roles filled by investigators and expert witnesses can be leveraged to help promote a successful outcome.  Our team of practicing experts in their respective fields are:

  • experienced managing multiple-party incident investigations involving government agencies and other third-party investigators.
  • able to approach projects with a collaborative, team-based approach and have access to recognized experts and specialized services as needed.
  • highly adept at delivering expertise for privileged investigations with the assistance of retained outside counsel.

Certified Fire & Explosion Investigators
Our expert investigators are versed in the application of NFPA 921 and NFPS 1033 and can present opinions with clarity, even under rigorous cross-examination.

112214-060 (1)

Climate-Controlled Inspection Laboratory & Workshop
IFO Group facilitates the inspection and documentation of collected artifacts at our workshop.  Here we are able to maintain secure evidence and artifact storage in accordance with ASTM Method E1 459-92.


Global Team Ready for Deployment
The IFO Group Command Unit and Critical Response Team are deployable within two hours of initial contact.  Our investigators stand ready to respond to an incident and facilitate investigative efforts.

Consulting Services

IFO Group offers a variety of consulting services directly related to the investigation of these types of incidents and circumstances.

Major Loss Investigations

Involving commercial, industrial and residential occupancies.

Steam and Boiler Explosions

Dust Explosions

Including grain, coal, plastics, wood, metals, or other organics.

Fuel Gas Explosions and Fires

Including LP, LNG, methane, natural gas, butane, propane, and hydrogen

Explosive, Pyrophoric or other Chemical Reactions

Resulting in the unintended production of explosive materials

Fires or Explosions

Involving thermal runaways or uncontrolled chemical reactions


(Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosions)

Electrical Arc Flash Explosions

High-Temperature Liquid Metals

Or blast and arc furnace explosions

Incidents Involving Fatalities

Or serious bodily injuries

Identification of Subrogation Opportunities

Incidents Involving Oxidizers

Such as liquid oxygen or peroxides


Our services cater to a diverse clientele including:

Insurance Carriers

Corporate Legal Counsel

External Legal Counsel

Government Agencies

Private Citizens

Corporations and Various Business Entities

Non-Profit Organizations

Educational Institutions

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