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Determine the Best Options for Life Safety & Protection Engineering

Life Safety, Smoke Management & Suppression Systems Analysis

Fire Protection and Life Safety Services

In addition to analyzing the traditional code compliance issues, we bring the state-of-the-art in research, computer fire modeling, computer egress modeling, structural protection, and building material analysis together to provide clients with the best options for life safety and fire protection engineering.


IFO Group also offers a variety of consulting services directly related to the investigation of the following types of fires and explosions:

  • Fires and explosions involving commercial, healthcare, industrial, and residential occupancies, petrochemical, laboratory, transportation, utility, and mining operations
  • Steam and boiler explosions
  • Dust explosions including grain, coal, plastics, wood, metals, or other organics
  • Fuel gas explosions and fires including LP, LNG, methane, natural gas, butane, propane, natural gas, and hydrogen
  • Explosives, pyrophoric, or other chemical reactions resulting in the unintended production of explosive materials
  • Fires or explosions involving thermal runaways or uncontrolled chemical reactions
  • BLEVEs (boiling liquid evaporating vapor explosions)
  • High-temperature liquid metals or blast and arc furnace explosions
  • Incidents involving oxidizers such as liquid oxygen or peroxides

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