Incident Investigation

Meticulous Post Accident Investigation. Multi-Disciplinary Expertise to Get the Facts.

What can we do for you?

When our clients need accident investigation, accident reconstruction or suffer a major loss, they trust IFO Group.   Our investigators are recognized international experts in the field of incident investigation and have experience managing multiple-party incident investigations involving government officials and other third-party investigators.  Our clients can depend on our investigator’s meticulous attention to detail and multi-disciplinary expertise to determine facts when faced with questions and uncertainty.

Our team of incident investigation experts is composed of highly experienced professionals who can provide a full range of:

  • loss control
  • investigative
  • analytical
  • litigation support services

We provide them with the right experts to quickly determine what happened, identify and preserve crucial evidence, and deliver compelling factual reports.

Our vast experience interacting and cooperating with an organization’s internal or external investigative teams/assets allows us to operate with a level of unmatched confidence.  We are also highly adept at delivering expertise for privileged investigations with the assistance of retained outside counsel if so desired by a client.

We offer our clients the latest investigative techniques and technologies to maximize the collection of critically valuable knowledge that can be gained from a loss and provide the information necessary to fully protect an organization and its employees from future recurrences as well as prepare for any potential litigation.

Our experts have investigated hundreds of incidents covering a wide range of failures in a variety of industries and circumstances. By utilizing the latest in investigation project techniques and technologies – specifically developed to maximize efficiencies – we can expedite the return of an incident site to the owner and facilitate recovery operations to help reduce overall losses. Following an incident, we can also assist in developing and implementing mitigation strategies and barrier philosophies to more effectively protect workers, assets, reputations, and the environment from incident recurrences.

IFO Group has a climate-controlled inspection laboratory and workshop to facilitate the inspection and documentation of collected evidence and artifacts by IFO Group, clients, or other retained experts. We also maintain onsite secure evidence and artifact storage managed in accordance with ASTM Method E1 459-92 Standard Guide for Physical Evidence Labeling and Related Documentation and can provide short or long-term retained storage.  In addition, our investigators stand ready to respond to incident scenes throughout North America and internationally to provide clients with a trusted representative on the ground to facilitate investigative efforts.


  • Analysis of Compliance with Codes and Standards
  • Assistance with OSHAEPA or other regulatory violations
  • Cause and Origin Determination
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators and Instructors
  • CSB Accidental Release Reporting Requirements (40 CFR 1604)
  • CSB Accidental Release Form
  • Evidence Collection, Secure Chain of Custody, and Retained Storage
  • Fire, Explosion, and Toxic Release Modeling
  • Forensic Failure Analysis
  • Incident Investigation Coordination and Management
  • Identification of Contributing Causes and Factors
  • Incident Investigation Training
  • Litigation Support
  • Occupational Fatality and Major Bodily Injury
  • Performance Assessment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Work Clothing
  • Precision Forensic Scene Mapping
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Subrogation
  • 3D Reconstruction Computer Animation
  • Underwriting and Loss Support


IFO Group offers a variety of consulting services directly related to the investigation of the following types of occupational injury and illness incidents:
Fires and explosions involving commercial, industrial, and residential occupancies, petrochemical, oil & gas, laboratory, transportation, utility, and mining operations.


  • Confined space accidents.
  • Falls from height / working at height.
  • Hot work accidents and resulting fires / explosions.
  • Hydrogen sulfide exposures.
  • Incidents involving control of hazardous energy and lock out / tag out (LOTO).
  • Incidents involving excavations and trenching.
  • Machine guarding and entrapment incidents.
  • Management system failures and gaps.
  • Motor vehicle accidents (light passenger and heavy commercial)
  • Process safety management (PSM)
  • Toxic chemical and other hazardous materials exposures.
  • Workplace violence, acts of terrorism, and active shooter incidents.

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