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Security Vulnerability Assessments, Planning, Audit, Training & Management System Services

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IFO Group provides a comprehensive range of security consultancy and management solutions to companies, governmental agencies, and owners of critical infrastructure. We are able to offer our extensive risk management capabilities with technical and industry operational experience to assist in identifying, eliminating, or mitigating significant risks in security management programs. We can help you understand your risk, implement effective control measures, optimize security expenditures, and provide appropriate and meaningful training.

Our multi-disciplinary team possesses hard-earned experience attained in real-world scenarios during their previous tenures within law enforcement agencies, government agencies, the U.S. Special Forces and/or Special Operations community, and international corporate security roles.


  • Antiterrorism and Force Protection Consulting
  • Blast Load Prediction
  • Blast Resistant Building Design
  • Bomb and Improvised Explosive Device Deterrence, Detection, Mitigation and Protection
  • Corporate Security Management System Development, Implementation, Assessment, Training, and Auditing
  • Inspections and Audits
  • Marine Vessel and Facility Security Plan Audits
  • Physical Security Design Services
  • Security Plan Design and Development
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments, including Quantitative Risk Assessments
  • Structural Upgrades and Retrofit Design for Blast Loads
  • Toxic Release and Dispersion Modeling
  • Training Program Development and Delivery

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