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When disaster strikes or significant losses occur, the importance of expert guidance becomes unmistakably clear. Navigating the aftermath, understanding the events that transpired, preserving crucial evidence, and delivering accurate reports demand seasoned professionals. At IFO Group, we stand poised to cater to your arbitration and litigation needs with unwavering expertise.

Our team of expert consultants are well-versed in both civil and criminal proceedings and bring extensive experience to deposition and courtroom testimony. We have a deep understanding of the litigation process and the importance that investigators and expert witnesses play in a successful outcome for the client.

IFO Group offers cost-effective litigation support services for a full range of dispute resolution scenarios. We understand the intricacies of the litigation process and how the roles filled by investigators and expert witnesses are leveraged to help promote successful outcomes. Our Certified Fire and Explosion investigators are well versed in the application of NFPA 921 and NFPA 1033 and can present their opinions clearly and effectively even when confronted by aggressive and hostile cross-examination.


Litigation Support Services

PSM and RMP Auditing


  • Analysis of Fire Victim Toxicology
  • Bodily Injury and Fatality Incidents
  • Fire and Explosion Cause and Origin Determination
  • Fire Reconstruction Modeling and Analysis
  • Forensic Failure Analysis
  • Post-Fire Structural Response Modeling and Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Toxic Release and Dispersion

Modeling & Reconstruction

  • Computer Fire Modeling of Scenarios
  • Explosion Modeling
  • Fire Reconstruction Modeling and Analysis
  • 3D Computer Animated Incident Reconstruction
  • Precision Forensic Scene Mapping
  • Post-Fire Structural Response Modeling and Analysis
  • Reactive Chemical Testing


  • Codes, Standards and Industry Practice Review
  • Industry Best Practice Conformance
  • Occupational Safety and Health / OSHA Compliance
  • Management of Documentation Related to Regulatory Compliance
  • Regulatory and Code Compliance
  • Internal Investigations Related to Regulatory Concerns

Other Litigation Services

  • Counsel Technical Education and Briefing
  • Evidence and Artifact Collection, Secure Chain of Custody and Retained Storage
  • Expert and Fact Witness Support and Testimony
  • Incident Site Management
  • Investigation and Documentation
  • Process Data Recovery
  • Review and Evaluation of Expert Opinions

Trust IFO Group to Help You Navigate Complex Litigation

Experienced Consultants

Our expert consultants understand the intricacies of the litigation process, ensuring your case is backed by unrivaled expertise.

Comprehensive Investigation

We specialize in unraveling complex incidents, offering insights to help determine the cause and origin of fires, explosions and major losses.

Collaborative Approach

Our team-based methodology guarantees access to recognized experts and specialized services, fostering successful outcomes.

Deep Understanding of Evidence Management

IFO Group understands the importance of managing evidence and proper storage of assets to ensure its integrity.

State-Of-The-Art Inspection Laboratory 

With adherence to ASTM Methods E1459-13/E1492-11, we offer secure on-site short or long-term storage for evidence and artifacts, providing you peace of mind.

Globally Ready

With a presence spanning North America and beyond, we are ready to stand by your side, wherever your case takes us.

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Discover how IFO Group's litigation support services can help transform your legal strategy.