Industrial Hygiene Services


Industrial Hygiene Practices in the Workplace

While every organization is required to make sure its workplace is safe, many do not have employees on-staff whose role is 100% committed to industrial hygiene.  Businesses cut costs or resources during the pandemic and many no longer have a Certified Industrial Hygienist on staff.  Even more challenging is managing business decisions made from exposure monitoring sample data collected to ensure healthy workplaces.

This is where we can help.  The IFO Group has Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH’s) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSP’s) on staff who are trained and certified to work with clients to evaluate health hazards, anticipate risks and develop comprehensive health and safety programs.  We offer a range of Industrial Hygiene Services including:

IH Strategy


•        Sample Plan Creation and Evaluation

•        Similar Exposure Group (SEG) analysis

•        Workplace Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)


Hearing Conservation


•        Noise Dosimetry and Mapping

•        Octave Band Analysis

•        Medical Surveillance Management

Respiratory Protection


•        Respiratory Protection Program Management

•        Fit Testing in less than 3 min

•        On-site Services

•        Medical Surveillance Management



Ventilation Evaluation


•        COVID-19 Ventilation Assessments

•        Local Exhaust Systems

•        Welding Fume Systems

•        Canopy Hoods

•        Lab Fume Hoods

Indoor Air Quality


•        Sick Building Syndrome

•        Employee Complaints

•        Fit for Purpose Building Assessments



Data Management


•        Statistical Analysis

•        Software Management

•        Sample Upload and Quality Review

Heat Stress

•        Heat Stress and Thermal Stressors Monitoring


Fatigue Program Management



Let us help you stay ahead of potential hazards as well as limit regulatory and legal liability.