Building Long Lasting Client Relationships

Based On Trust, Transparency, and Honesty.

IFO Group isn’t a typical consulting firm. We provide our clients with clear and transparent pricing for their projects tailored to individual needs and budgets with the goal of providing the highest value possible.

We work hard to maintain our reputation for delivering high-quality results on time and to budget by employing industry leading efficient business processes, robust project management, and effective quality assurance. We set ourselves apart from other consultants because we take the time to detail our pricing and explain all of it so that it’s clear and understandable.

We offer three simple ways of charging for our services and we can always find a solution that works with your budget.

Billable Hours in Our Pricing Structure

We believe that if a project’s scope and deliverables can be clearly defined then a firm fixed price quote or lump sum budget offers the best value to our clients. If a client insists, then we will provide an hourly or daily rate for expertise that provides them with the best value for their needs.

Why Do We Feel This Way About Billable Hours?

Cost Transparency to Establish Trust

When we provide our clients with a firm fixed price quote we stand behind it. That’s why we work so hard on defining project scopes and deliverables so that our clients know exactly what is and isn’t included. We also don’t think our clients should pay for a consultant’s learning curve, which is why we structure our pricing with our employee training and experience costs firmly where they belong….on us.

Are we always going to be the low bidder? Perhaps not; in our experience our pricing tends to fall well below the high bidders and above the absolute low offerers. We keep our overhead costs as low as possible but we also value our professionals and compensate them accordingly. When we provide you with a quote for a project it will be with the expectation that we will deliver the highest quality with the best overall value for a given scope of work. We don’t think a race to the bottom does anything but provide low quality outcomes that fall well below client expectations.

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