Responding to a Workplace Catastrophic Incident

When your client experiences a major catastrophic event such as a fire or loss of life, they rely on legal counsel’s advice and expertise to help them navigate through a difficult situation. In most situations, your client has never experienced a major loss event and they do not know where to even start, so they turn to you.

In the aftermath of a catastrophic accident, a thorough investigation is needed to assess the cause of the disaster and determine what steps must be taken next. Taking a structured approach to investigating the incident helps ensure that the cause is uncovered and addressed by appropriate actions.

Responding to a Workplace Catastrophic Incident Infographic


The IFO Group is comprised of diversified experts in catastrophic events and incident management. We have experience managing and investigating some of the most significant catastrophic events, fires, and explosions that have occurred this past decade.

Get to know us before you need us. Contact us so we may discuss how we may be your expert partner when your client calls you at 2 AM and tells you their whole world just came undone.

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