Incident Investigation

Litigation & Catastrophic Incident Investigation

IFO Group offers comprehensive catastrophic investigation support services. This ranges from providing litigation expertise to turnkey management of incidents from the moments after the accident to the collection and long-term secure retention of critical physical and electronic evidence.

Our consultants have unique expertise in managing catastrophic incidents from the immediate aftermath, coordinating with regulatory agencies, serving as project managers for major demolition and site clearing through to evidence collection, documentation, transport and retention in the event of future litigation.

We also work with corporate and outside counsel clients who need independent evaluations of occupational health and safety and process safety programs to proactively identify gaps and avoid costly accidents and regulatory actions. Our team is also frequently called upon to provide outside resources and expertise when a company does not have the bandwidth or internal ability to address identified gaps and weaknesses. We also serve as testifying experts for cases ranging from transportation mishaps to occupational injuries and fatalities to fires and explosions.

A Structured Approach:Incident Investigation

We are often called to assist after a catastrophic accident, especially those involving a fire, explosion, structural collapse, toxic chemical release, pipeline failure, occupational fatality and/or major injury.

A structured approach to incident investigation helps ensure that all the causes are uncovered and addressed by appropriate actions.  Click HERE to read about the steps we follow when we are involved in incident investigation.


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