LIDAR (Laser) Scanning and Drone Photogrammetry

LIDAR (Laser) Scanning and Drone Photogrammetry

LIDAR (light detection and ranging) is a remote sensing method that uses pulsing lasers to measure varying distances to analyze the surfaces of terrain, facilities or incident sites. Using laser pulses and data recorded from the airborne system we can develop 3D models of facilities, incident scenes, or objects with precise measurements.

Photogrammetry operates by gathering information about a scene or object through photographs. Taking photos from different locations and angles combined with using photo interpretation and geometric relationships within 3D space allows us to collect data from the scene or object.

Drone photogrammetry is an approach that allows us to map out a larger area. The drone takes multiple overlapping photos using a high-definition camera. These photos are processed and implemented into 3D software allowing us to create high-quality visual representations of a scene or object. We can also integrate the drone photos with the laser scanning data to create precise point clouds, models, or virtual reality environments that can be used for investigations, litigation, engineering, or safety and security training.

IFO Group Provides LIDAR (Laser) Scanning and Drone Photogrammetry Services:

Forensic LIDAR (Laser) Scanning and Drone Photogrammetry

IFO Group offers various forensic LIDAR (laser) scanning and drone photogrammetry services directly related to incident preservation and facility modeling through laser scanning and photogrammetry.

You can trust our team and equipment to provide comprehensive forensic scanning and mapping for your facility or incident scene with peace of mind and confidentiality.

Incident uses include, but are not limited to, pre-incident planning, fire and explosion cause and origin, or documentation of incident scenes in anticipation of litigation.

Faro Flythrough Video

Incident Example Video

Commercial LIDAR (Laser) Scanning and Drone Photogrammetry

IFO Group offers various commercial LIDAR (laser) scanning and drone photogrammetry services related to documentation and measurement in various sectors including, but not limited to, architecture and engineering, piping, processes, and plants.

Commercial uses include, but are not limited to, building information modeling (BIM), structure modeling and measurement, facility noise and light mapping, site logistics.

Drone FLIR Video

Drone Industrial Video


Our pricing for 3D scanning services depending on the task can be found below.


Our on-site scanning is typically charged by a daily rate. This rate is heavily dependent on how large the scanning area is and how much detail will be required. The complexity of the job along with equipment and personnel needed will also influence the final cost.


$1,500/Half-Day OR $2,250/Day


After obtaining the scan, the data will be transferred to computer processing software for any point cloud creation, alignment and optimization needed. IFO will use this to produce 3D modeling or clients may elect to receive raw point cloud data directly.



IFO can render the point cloud data into 2D & 3D models, fly-through videos, measurements, or raw point cloud data. These renderings can be delivered in the format desired by the client such as CloudCompare, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc. Each client or incident presents a unique endeavor, so it is important we have as much information regarding client, scene, or incident requirements to provide accurate cost. Without knowing any additional knowledge, a general guideline is that the modeling cost is often equal to or more than the scanning cost. So, it is common to allocate half of the project budget to data processing and modeling.



Depending on the location of the job site travel costs will also need to be considered. Travel expenses are billed at cost.


Level of Detail: Each project or incident presents a unique set of requirements that can vary the level of detail needed for each client. If a project requires a high level of precision to capture all the complex details, the cost of the job will increase.

Accuracy: Typical 3D scans come with a high level of accuracy. If a project requires a particularly higher level of accuracy and may require special equipment in order to meet the client’s needs, then costs will be increased.

Travel Labor Cost: Extended travel time outside of our immediate service area will incur additional travel costs.

IFO does not provide professional surveying services.*

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