Mechanical Integrity

Achieve effective control of Process Safety Management risks.

Mechanical Integrity

 Consultancy Services

At IFO Group, we take pride in ensuring the robustness and reliability of your assets through our comprehensive Mechanical Integrity services. Trust us to safeguard your operations with precision and expertise.

With IFO Group’s Mechanical Integrity services, you are not just protecting equipment; you are fortifying the foundation of your success. Choose confidence, choose reliability – choose IFO Group.

Gap Analysis of   Mechanical Integrity

Gap Analysis of Mechanical Integrity Program

Risk Based Inspection

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Program

Inspection Data Management

Inspection Data Management Systems (IDMS)

Hard Won Expertise with Decades of Experience

IFO Group Mechanical Integrity Consultants have decades of experience and can share their hard-won expertise gained while working as direct employees for major international energy, petrochemical, and inspection companies. This expertise allows IFO Group to provide our clients with invaluable insight into how to meet regulatory requirements while understanding the “how and why” of regulations when developing and managing customized solutions for Mechanical Integrity Management Programs.

Assessment and Auditing

IFO Group also has extensive experience in the assessment and auditing of Mechanical Integrity Management Programs based on PSM regulations and “Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices” (RAGAGEP) and in finding efficient and pragmatic solutions for clients faced with ever escalating compliance costs.

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