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Safety Culture Improvement Interventions

Safety Culture Diagnostics & Improvement Strategies

Organizational Safety Culture

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to consider more sophisticated approaches to their assessments of workplace safety.  Our Safety Culture practice is led by Dr. Dov Zohar PhD, who developed the original safety climate measurement scale that has been translated into more than 15 languages and became the standard in the field of safety culture assessment.   Since then, Dr. Zohar has conducted numerous research and consulting projects in countries all over the world and has published his work in more than 50 scientific and professional journals and books.  His recent work has focused on the development of industry-specific measurement scales and new strategies for safety leadership development and safety culture improvement.  Dr. Zohar’s unique experience offers our clients the best expertise in the development, administration, and advanced statistical analysis of safety climate surveys and subsequent interventions.  Dr. Zohar’s work won the Best Safety Intervention Awards by CDC/NIOSH in 2003 and 2013 and the Lifetime Achievement Award awarded by the American Psychological Association in 2008.

What is your “Safety Culture”?

Your Safety Culture consists of the common each person’s attitudes, practices, and perceptions of the expected reward (or punishment) for acting safely even in the presence of competing goals (e.g. increasing production demands or on-time delivery).  Safety culture improvement is a great tool for safety management that focuses on socially-shared expectations for managerial rewards for safe behavior regardless of its (adverse) effect on profitability-related goals.  Research has shown that whereas BBS (Behavioral Based Safety) requires on-going monitoring and reinforcement by external or internal observers, Safety Culture improvement, achieved by modifying supervisory and managerial safety practices, offers longer lasting effects on safety performance with a better return on investment in terms of time and money.

How does our process work?

Our safety culture improvement interventions have two distinct stages:

(a) Safety culture diagnostics performed by using brief questionnaires that take less than 10 minutes for each participant to complete.  Once analyzed, this stage is followed by a brief on-site observation and interview phase, followed by a meeting with senior site and/or corporate management to discuss the results;

(b) Safety culture interventions consist of selecting one of the several culture improvement strategies developed by our company.  Our intervention methods are cost-effective and involve a combination of remote and on-site activities. Contrary to most available culture improvement interventions, our strategies have been scientifically tested for their positive effects on culture change and subsequent improvement in safety performance.

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