Partnering with a Third-Party to Manage an Incident Investigation

An incident investigation requires a detailed analysis of what happened, how it happened, who was involved, and what can be done to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.  Unfortunately, incident investigations also create legal issues and liabilities for the business. Working with a third-party consulting firm can be critical to the success of the investigation, as well as protecting the business from potential legal issues.

Benefits of IFO Group Managing an Incident Investigation:

One of the primary reasons to work with a consulting firm is to keep the investigation under privilege and not discoverable. When an investigation is conducted internally, everything is discoverable. This means that anything uncovered during the investigation could be used against the company if a lawsuit arises. However, when an external consultant is hired through a third-party attorney to manage the investigation, they can perform the investigation under the protection of attorney-client privilege. This means that anything uncovered during the investigation is protected under privilege and cannot be used against the company in court.


Partnering with a third-party legal counsel and consulting firm also ensures that the investigation is conducted properly. Incident investigations are complex, and it can be challenging for an internal team to manage the process effectively. IFO Group consultants have the necessary experience and expertise to conduct a successful investigation, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken, including interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and analyzing data.


Working with a consulting firm can also speed up the investigation process. The faster an incident investigation is conducted, the faster the business can implement changes and take corrective action to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Using an external consultancy such as IFO Group is often more efficient in conducting investigations, saving time and resources for the business.


Lastly, working with a consulting firm can help to improve the culture within the business. By hiring an external consultant, the business sends a message that it is invested in finding the root causes to prevent future incidents. This can help to improve employee morale and create a safer work environment.


This is where we can help by partnering with you.  The IFO Group is comprised of diversified experts in catastrophic events and incident management.  We have experience managing and investigating some of the most significant catastrophic events, fires, and explosions that have occurred this past decade.


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